What the Best Patio Contractors in Haymarket Have in Common

patio contractor haymarket

Are you considering adding a patio area to the backyard or updating your current patio? It’s important to do some research when exploring your local options before making the decision to commit.

After all, any type of home renovation construction project is a huge investment and something that you want done right. So, let’s look at some of the qualities the best patio builders have in common and what you should be looking for in a patio contractor in the greater Haymarket area.

1.    Certifications and Experience

Why is it important to consider the experience and certifications of a potential patio contractor? Certified deck builders generally have a knowledge of local laws and the required permits. They’ll do things by the book and hold their work to a high safety standard.

 These contractors have been around the block and know the curves in the road and are considered the best of the best because of their expertise. Hiring a contractor that specializes in deck and patio construction adds a layer of quality assurance. That’s while you’ll want to narrow your search to certified patio builders in Haymarket.

 2.    Check the Review Sites

In the age of the world wide web, information has never been so close to our fingertips. Thanks to the internet, customer reviews have become a solid source of information for seekers of services, including all types of contractors.  When searching for top rated patio builder in Haymarket, the local patio builder companies ranked highest by customers should make the top of your list.

Yelp has long been a trusted source for folks in search of quality goods and services. A quick search on a listing site like Yelp for patio builders in Haymarket will give you a list of the best contractors available in the area. Battlefield Decks is currently ranked number one on Yelp in the greater Haymarket area, and number two on Angi.

 3.    Visit Company Websites and Review Portfolios

 Most professional contractors will showcase a portfolio of their work and list the materials they use and source on their business’ website. Quality work sells itself. Once you’ve refined your search for “top rated patio builder in Haymarket,” check out the websites of the companies that you are considering working with. 

Browsing a company’s portfolio of work will give you an idea about the style of the company’s patio designs and a visual impression of whether their work appeals to your taste. Doing a deep dive on a company’s website can give you a good sense of whether the contractor can meet your expectations and is a good fit for your project. 


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