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How Designer Decks and Patios are Built

Are you thinking about the addition of a deck or patio to your home? You might be wondering how to go about contracting the construction and the process behind the build.

While a basic build can be done by a skilled carpenter who specializes in building safe and durable structures (the bones if you will), a company with a design-based team on hand can work with you and incorporate design elements to create a unique space for your home.

Assessing Your Space and Deciding What Will Work Best

The first step in the deck or patio design process is deciding which will work best for the space you are working with. After the initial discovery call where you discuss what you are thinking, a site visit will allow the design and build team to make recommendations and steer the build in an appropriate direction.

Depending on the topography of your property, the build team will advise you on whether a deck or patio is the smarter choice. The design team can also get a feel for the overall aesthetics of your home. A site visit fills in many of the missing details that the initial discovery call can only touch on.

Deciding What Materials to Use

Another aspect of contracting for designer decks and patios involves the materials used. Maybe you are looking at more than just a basic concrete type of patio and want to know what natural stone options are available for a certain look and feel or to match your designed color scheme.

Deck and patio designers can make recommendations and go over the cost of materials, giving an estimate of material costs and suggestions that work within your budget. 

Customizing Design to Naturally Fit Your Desired Base Aesthetic

Finally, before the build stage, deck and patio designers will work with you to come up with a plan for a build that accents your home naturally and fits with your preferred aesthetics. A good designer will integrate an elegant deck or patio so well that it will not look like an addition.

Working with a design team is sure to elevate your build to add to your home’s décor. You might browse a company’s portfolio of work to get some fresh ideas. Some designer builders also specialize in greenscaping as well. It is those little accents like that can really bring something extra to your space.

Interested in Hiring a Patio and Deck Designer in Northern Virginia?

Battlefield Decks and Patios has a portfolio of work that reflects our expertise in patio and deck design. We are a certified deck-building company with a team of capable designers, carpenters and stone masons who can bring your project to life. Interested? Visit our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, and the quality of our work.

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