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How to Select a Top-Rated Patio Builder in Warrenton, VA

Construction projects can be a large undertaking depending on the project. While some projects like simple landscaping projects or building a tree house are more manageable DIY projects. Most Virginians don’t have the necessary skills to properly undertake big home renovations, and aren’t familiar with the proper permitting and regulations surrounding these types of bigger projects so a patio builder in Warrenton comes in.

So, who do you go to for your construction needs? It’s best to hire professionals with proven track records to handle your major construction needs. Even better, to hire specialists who are skilled in their areas of expertise. If you’re on the hunt for a top-rated patio builder in Warrenton, Virginia, Battlefield Custom Decks & Patios specializes in creating unique spaces for outdoor cooking, dining, and backyard recreation.

Why Should I Contract Battlefield to Build My Deck or Patio in Warrenton?

We offer premiere design and construction services. Located in Northern Virginia, we serve homeowners living in our local community, which means we’re knowledgeable about the local weather and how to best build a deck or patio that your grandchildren will one day be able to enjoy.

Battlefield is a certified patio builder located in Warrenton with a proven track-record in sound construction and professionalism. But you don’t have to take our word for it, we have a portfolio of work and happy customers to speak to our quality services. When selecting a contractor for a project like constructing a new deck, covered patio, or porch, it’s important to do your research on your local options go online, browse company websites, and look at what customers are saying.

Aesthetic and Functional

Your outdoor space is meant to be a space for people to congregate and enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their backyard. Whether you’re barbequing before the big game or hosting brunch for your crew, your space should be not just functional but aesthetic. 

We’ll ask you questions about your vision for your outdoor space, including your must-haves and absolutely nots, and we’ll determine what your budget is. Once a quote is provided for the sourcing of resources and construction, we’ll work with you to design your space and construct it. Walkways and patios can really help accent your yard and create an ambiance and environment for your family and guests to enjoy, relax, and entertain in. From roofed patio areas to open air floor plan decks and everything in between, Battlefield has your needs covered.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

From custom built-in fire pits to expert and artistic stone laying work, Battlefield Custom Decks & Patios provides a level of expert work and artisanship that you’ll appreciate. From accent lighting and sourcing the stones you request for aesthetics; we’ll work with you to customize your design to fit the look and feel you desire without the loss of utility. Take a look at what we did for a client that contracted us for a multi-level project in Gainesville, VA.

Special Promo: $1k off Your New Porch or Patio

As a patio contractor local to Warrenton, we know that there are few things better than enjoying the breeze on a hot summer day in your backyard while lounging in the shade. Enjoying the nice weather from your new patio or porch could be just the breath of fresh air you need during those stuffy deep summer months. But what about a covered porch and patio area that you can enjoy year-round?

We’re offering a limited time discount for customers and slashing $1,000 dollars off the price of our porch and patio combination so you can enjoy your yard throughout the year. This promo is available to our local customers in Prince William County, Loudoun County, Fauquier County, and Fairfax County. We can also work with you to find the best financing options for your build.

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