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Hardscaping Ideas For Northern VA Homes

The word “hardscape” refers to any non-living elements in a landscape. Hardscaping design can include patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls or even outdoor kitchens. Hardscape elements, such as these, are essential to any yard because they help define and organize the space around the natural areas surrounding the home. In addition to decor, hardscaping elements can also define what a space is used for, such as a driveway or patio with a built in fireplace. Properly balancing the hardscape elements in your yard with the softscape, or nature, surrounding your home is what makes or breaks a gorgeous backyard. If thinking about this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. As one of the preferred hardscaping companies in Northern Virginia, Battlefield Custom Decks and Patios is here to walk you through the process of transforming the outside of your home into your own private paradise.

Popular Types of Hardscaping 

When considering which type of backyard hardscaping design in Fairfax County to choose, the options are essentially infinite. Each individual or family has their own unique taste, which is why every yard is perfectly different! Whether or not you have children, like to host regular outdoor gatherings or the amount of space you have can impact which elements you choose.

Hardscaping elements to add to your backyard oasis may include:

  • Patio (Brick, flagstone, concrete, tile, etc.)
  • Stone walkway
  • Gravel path
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Wooden deck
  • Fountains

Hardscaping Costs In Northern Virgina

The cost of hardscaping depends on what exactly you’re looking to construct. If you’re interested in adding a patio in Loudoun County, for example, it can cost anywhere between $5 and $50 per square foot. The exact amount depends on the size and material of your patio, as well as any add-ons you may opt for. Labor costs, on the other hand, may vary depending on which of many hardscaping companies in Northern Virginia you decide to hire for the job.

One thing that won’t vary, on the other hand, is Battlefield Custom Decks and Patios commitment to excellence. As Fairfax County’s premier hardscaping company, our team of hardscaping contractors in Northern VA are known for their craftsmanship and professionalism. Let us make your deck, patio, walkway, outdoor kitchen, etc. dreams reality! If you’re looking for hardscaping hardscaping companies in Northern Virginia, look no further. Contact Battlefield Custom Decks and Patio today for a free quote.

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