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Outdoor Living Ideas To Beautify Your Loudoun County Home’s Space This Fall

Need a little inspiration for your home’s outdoor space? Want to enjoy more time outside on your property this fall? Here are some of the best ways to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor living space that reflects your unique style and taste. From beautiful covered porches adorned with fall decor, to breezeways, fire pits and porticos, you will find ideas that are perfect for Loudoun County homes.

It’s no secret that the majority of us have spent more time in our homes this past year than ever before. Because of this, it’s safe to say that home improvement projects are on the top of everyone’s list for 2021. If this rings true for you, you’re in luck! At Battlefield, we’ve hand selected the top trends for this year to upgrade your outdoor living space and get more out of your home.

Covered Front Porch

Whether you’re trying to make a great first impression for your guests, heighten curb appeal or create a grand entrance to your house just for you, you can never go wrong with adding a covered front porch. Not only is it an attractive addition to any style home, it also drastically increases the amount of living space available for you and your family. We recommend decorating your stunning covered porch with stylish rocking chairs or a cushioned porch swing for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon refreshment while watching cars go by and catching up with neighbors. And nothing says autumn like beautiful, fall decor, pumpkins and unique lighting elements to highlight your new covered porch. The cost to build a covered porch varies greatly, depending on the size, the materials and of course, your budget. We are happy to provide a free quote to upgrade your current porch, add a covered porch, or build a wrap-around porch.



A portico, on the other hand, is a smaller version of a covered front porch that is just large enough for visitors to pass through. It leads to the house entrance and is supported by columns. Originating in ancient Greek architecture, this quaint yet dazzling design has been widely adopted in most Western-style houses and will, not doubt, look great in yours! In addition to these additions boosting curb appeal, they’re also incredibly practical. A portico allows people to gather themselves before entering or leaving your home. If it’s raining, for instance, guests have an opportunity to dry off before coming in, or find their umbrella and grab their keys before heading out. Whether you don’t have a ton of space or just want something simple. a portico is a fabulous addition to any house.


Another word for an outdoor hallway, a breezeway typically connects a garage or in-law suite to the rest of the house, providing that essential separation between the two. While a breezeway is known for being entirely outdoors, it is possible to design and build indoor versions enclosed by trellises, massive windows or glass ceilings. There are endless possibilities when designing the perfect breezeway for your abode.

Photo is from the following site: https://www.tcpi.com/home-entryway-lighting-trends/breezeway-lighting-the-davenport-team-compressor/

Covered Rear Patio

4. Covered Rear Patio

Covered rear patios are ideal for relaxing on crisp autumn evenings, finding shade on warm summer days, and can truly be enjoyed year round in Loudoun County. Especially in a multi-generation home or for families with young kids, a covered patio is the perfect place for people of all ages to enjoy fresh air without having to worry about navigating steps. There are truly no downsides to adding these brilliant extensions. Some elements to consider adding to a covered patio are, outdoor fireplaces, fans, decorative stone, pillars, and unique lighting fixtures.


Just as it sounds, a sunroom is a room within the house dedicated to light and warmth. These entirely indoor living spaces tend to be covered almost entirely in large windows so people can enjoy the sun and outdoor views year-round while still being protected from the elements. Especially in Northern Virginia where residents experience all four seasons, a sunroom can be a great addition to your home. 

Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your current patio or outdoor space is perhaps one of the most popular ways to ensure you can enjoy autumn and winter outside! As an outdoor element that can be enjoyed year round, fire pits are not only great for added visual appeal, but for experiential appeal as well. From roasting marshmallows, to sitting around relaxing by the fire, it is no surprise that fire pits are one of our most popular installation requests throughout the year. Plus, the turnaround time on fire pits is fairly quick, when compared to installing other elements that require more time (and possibly permitting), so this is a great option. Fire pits are quite affordable as well. Currently, our team is offering free fire pit installations with the purchase of a stamped concrete patio.

Outdoor Fireplace

Similar to a fire pit, the addition of an outdoor fireplace creates a gorgeous aesthetic, and that same warm ambiance. However, outdoor fireplaces have that more traditional look, and can be a focal point with gorgeous stone or brick work. The styles of outdoor fireplaces vary greatly, and are a wonderful way to compliment any current hardscaping elements in your yard. This year round outdoor living element brings that cozy feel to your yard, and is the perfect place to cozy up to with a blanket and cup of tea this fall.

Covered Deck

A covered deck comes with many positives, namely – the ability to enjoy your deck whether it is sunny, raining or snowing. Building a covered deck provides shade, especially during warmer summer months, which can help shade your home, and keep energy costs down. Enjoying a deck with overhead cover in autumn gives you the best of both worlds, as you can spend more time outside, dining al fresco, or just relaxing with a good book and cup of coffee. Covered decks also increase your home’s value and serve as a wonderful option for entertaining guests. You might want to consider complimenting your covered deck with lighting elements, a built in television, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

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