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How Much is the Labor Cost When Hiring a Deck Contractor in Haymarket?

If you’re dreaming of building a new back deck to host guests and enjoy the outdoors, you’ll want to do a little leg work so that there aren’t any surprises down the road. Home renovations can be pricy—between the cost of materials and labor can add up depending on the gravity of your project.

And while it seems like a smart and budget-friendly move to cut costs by going with companies that offer low rates for their labor, the experts would caution you to make sure to do your research on the companies that you’re considering. If you are paying a lower price point and receiving a lower quality of work, you might end up paying more in future repairs.

Size Does Matter…and so do the Materials You Choose

Determining how big and what materials you want your deck to be constructed with will certainly impact the cost of your project. If your project is on the larger size, you’ll be forking over more cash for both materials and labor. According to Virginia Kitchen and Bath, most decks range in cost between $30 and $60 per square foot. This cost jumps if the deck is on a second story.

What does this break down to? The average deck build will run a homeowner around $7,662—decks can cost anywhere between $4,084 on the low end to $11,257 on the high end. While choosing to build a wood deck initially costs less than going with a composite one, composite decks are weather resistant and require less maintenance over time.


What are the Benefits of Composite Decks?

 Because composite decks are made of more raw material, they cost more than a deck built with wood. However, this cost is recouped with the longevity of the deck and the time and money saved on upkeep. These rot-resistant decks weather the test of time and will prove to be more durable than a traditional deck.


How to Find a Deck Contractor in Haymarket

If you’re looking to find the best deck contractor in Haymarket, starting your search for the top certified deck builders in the Haymarket area on listing sites like Yelp or Ange’s list can help you narrow down your search.

Sites like Yelp aggregate customer reviews and provide company contact information along with links to their websites. These sites can be a great resource since they do the work for you. Reading the customer reviews will give you a better idea about the quality of work and customer service a business provides. 

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