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What is stamped concrete? Are stamped concrete patios better than pavers? Learn more about this versatile, affordable hardscaping option.
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What is a stamped concrete patio and why are they so popular?

Stamped concrete, or stampcrete, is a decorative paving option for patios. Not only is it a fraction of the price of other patio materials, such as natural stone, cured wood, brick pavers, etc, but it is more versatile with better durability as well. Stamped concrete can be combined with color to imitate various classic patio surfaces in a more cost-effective manner.

Stamped concrete patios feature textured, imprinted concrete and closely replicates stones, like flagstone, tile, brick, slate or wood. The design options are numerous with stamped concrete patios, which allows our team to truly bring our customer’s vision to life. Due to the fact that stamped concrete is so versatile, it is a great choice for not only patios, but pool decks, driveways and more. One of the reasons stamped concrete is growing in popularity, is also because it provides a really affordable hardscaping option, while looking very high-end.

Custom Designs and Colors

This color-combining can be done in three different ways, each with their own benefits. The first method, referred to as integral coloring, requires that the tone is mixed into the material itself, making it ideal for homeowners who have an earth tone finish or pastel in mind. The second method, dry-shaking, consists of color hardeners that are laid on top of the concrete. This option is best used when a stronger color result is desired. Last but certainly not least, the surface-applied coloring method contains dyes, stains and tinted release agents, which are used in combination with the aforementioned strategies to create the optimal texture for each homeowner’s preferred patio finish. With a stamped concrete patio, homeowners won’t have to choose between aesthetic and durability. Have the best of both worlds when you choose to install a stamped concrete patio with Battlefield Custom Decks and Patios.

What are the pros and cons of stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is an affordable patio option.

To start off, stampcrete patios are more affordable than natural stone, brick or a paver patio. Not only does this long-lasting material add value to your home, but stampcrete designs add tasteful aesthetic to an otherwise boring concrete surface. They essentially act as an affordable way to transform a dull concrete patio into something new and exciting for your home.

Stamped concrete can be slip-resistant.

Aside from being the aesthetically pleasing choice, stamped concrete is safe for families of all ages. When treated with a non-skid additive, stampcrete patios become slip resistant. Enjoy time in your backyard with small children and elderly relatives alike, worry-free.

Stamped concrete requires minimum upkeep/maintenance.

Additionally, stampcrete patios and walkways, when sealed, are easy to maintain, allowing homeowners to reap the benefits of this impressive surface with minimal upkeep.

Are there any downsides to installing a stamped concrete patio?

Like anything else, stamped concrete does have its limitations. The material can be vulnerable to damage from freezing and thawing cycles, as well as require the occasional cleaning and resealing. Because of the complex installation process, building a stampcrete patio for your yard is a job best left to the professionals. The material only really allows one chance at “getting it right” and, while it may be tempting to take the DIY approach, homeowners will save themselves money and a headache by hiring experts to get the job done. While spot repairs can be difficult, they don’t have to be when you have a team of experienced stampcrete specialists on your side.

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