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5 Things to Look for in a Deck Builder in Fairfax, VA

Are you considering adding a deck to your home? A new deck can add value in more ways than one—increasing the value of your home while adding recreational and communal value to your household as well.

Building a deck on your property is a big construction project, and you will want it handled correctly by the right professionals. From local zoning laws and proper permitting for your project to expert insight into deck design and safe construction, it is crucial to pick contractors who know what they are doing and have a track record of happy customers.

Do More than Just a Surface Level Search

In your search for deck contractors local to the Fairfax, Virginia area, you will want to do a more in-depth look at the businesses that populate in your search. Using the keywords “Fairfax” and “Virginia” in your search will help you, but you will want to review the qualities of a deck builder that you are considering working with.

Comb through online reviews —these are filled with a wealth of information about what people have to say about the experience of working with local deck builders. Here are five things to look for when hiring a deck builder in Fairfax.

  1. Reliability 

One of the things that home and business owners should consider before contracting any construction project is reliability. Does the company show up when they say they are going to, or do customers complain about delays in the build and things dragging out longer than they should?

You will want to be sure that the deck companies in Fairfax that you are thinking about hiring show up on time and get the work done in a timely manner. No one wants a home construction project to drag on longer than it needs to as this can really disrupt everyday life. So, it is prudent to go with a company that is reliable and will get the job done within the timeframe that you have agreed upon.

  1. Quality

You want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. At baseline, the quality of materials used and work is reflected in these companies’ portfolios of work. If customers have complaints about the quality of the build, it is best to avoid working with the contractor. 

  1. Do You Vibe with the Company’s Base Aesthetics? 

Additionally, it is vital that you like the design qualities of the company’s work. So, make sure to browse online portfolios. This will give you an idea of the design aspects the builders are known for. If you are going to hire a deck contractor in Fairfax, you will most definitely want to make sure that they align with your style and preferences. Look at their showcase of work and consider the materials they typically source and if this fits with your vision.

  1. Choose a Certified Deck Builder with Experience

During your search for the best deck builder in Fairfax, go with a certified deck builder. Why? Because these builders have a proven track record in safety. A certified deck builder has a level of expertise that has been demonstrated in the industry and has taken the time to prove competency. Choosing to work with a certified deck builder over one that does not will add an extra layer of confidence in your deck contractor.

  1. Customer Care

Beyond all else, you should place a heavy emphasis on a company’s customer service and satisfaction. You will want to work with a deck builder that not only knows what they are doing in a construction sense, but also has tact and demonstrates a level of personability and customer care. Choosing a deck builder with a good reputation is a smart move.Are you on the hunt for a certified deck builder in Fairfax? Battlefield Decks has a team of professional deck builders and designers who are ready to get started on your build. Contact us today so we can discuss your build.

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