3 Things to Consider When Caring for Your Deck

What to Consider When Caring for Your Deck

Caring for Deck - BattlfieldDecks.com

1) Is your deck made of wood? If so you will want to consider using a quality oil based stain with UV protectant. Oil based is the gold standard for treating wood. It penetrates into the wood giving it an amazing look while sealing it to protect it from the elements. Whatever you do, don’t use the waterborne products sold at most stores. These do not penetrate but rather encapsulate the wood with a plastic like coating due to the added latex in these products. While they may look nice at first you will see cracking and peeling within a year or so. Striping and sanding back to raw wood is a nightmare!

Caring for Deck - BattlfieldDecks.com

2) Check all major bolts and fasteners annually to make sure nothing is loose! Having a simple socket and wrench set will make this super easy and save you from paying a contractor to do it for you. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that things are secure.

Caring for Deck - BattlfieldDecks.com

3) Clean it bi annually!. Don’t wait for major dirt build up before you decide to clean your deck. Not only will this make the job 10 times harder but you’ll likely need to hire a professional. A simple electric pressure washer can be purchased for around $50 at your local big box hardware store. They are super easy and safe to use and have just enough power to blow light dirt and grime right off of your wood and composite deck without damaging the materials. Added bonus- your deck will always look amazing!!

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