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3 Important Things to Consider When Designing Your Deck

What to Consider When Designing a Deck?

Designing A Deck - BattlefieldDecks.com

1) Know your property set back requirements. Every town has a local zoning office with your property size and property lines. Within these boundaries you are only allowed to build up to a certain distance from your property line. A simple inquiry with your local zoning board can save hours of wasted time in planning a project you may not be allowed to build. A simple google search with your town/county and the word “zoning” will produce the contact number for you to reach out to.

Designing A Deck - BattlefieldDecks.com

2) Consider door and window placement. Nothing is worse than designing a deck only to find a railing post is going to be right in your line of sight while looking out of your window. Conversely, door location is super important. Many homes these days have multiple rear exits. More than often you’ll want the deck positioned with the exit door at your kitchen. No one wants to carry food through the living room to the deck!

Designing A Deck - BattlefieldDecks.com

3) Architectural elements. Most decks look the same…boring! This is you chance to build something that aligns with your personal taste. Black aluminum railings can add a really cool, bold and chic architectural element. How about glass panels for safety railings. You can really open up your space and make the visibility of the outdoors more integrated. Cable style railings also add a really modern personal touch. Don’t settle for something proposed, research all that’s out there and make a statement!

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